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We fit Velux Roof Windows in Cork.

There is nothing like natural sunlight to brighten and open up your home’s beauty or even brighten your overall mood. Think what if you could have a sunny bright home, with the added benefits of controlled privacy, adequate heating, cooling?

Velux window the added benefit of sunlight. Lighting adds heart and life to your room. Natural sunshine is the best option for that light. Sunshine’s warmth, brilliance and beauty. We are affected by natural sunlight physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Medical journals document this benefit and we all feel it. Even on dark days with rain or snow, the occasional sunshine that pierces the clouds and can be seen through a Velux window.

Imagine entering your kitchen to see sunshine gleaming from copper pots hanging from the wall and cabinet fronts.

You know that the blinds you have installed to go with the Velux roof windows to shade the intensity of the sunlight can be pulled to add a soft ambiance for afternoons.

Velux windows are perfectly crafted skylights and roof windows that allow sunshine into your home without sacrificing vital privacy. If you are remodelling to add an attic conversion or larger extension to your home, consider using Velux windows for light and safety.

Velux construct special windows that have easy exit features for safety. They are child-resistant, but can be added to an emergency exit plan in the event of a fire or flooding to your home.

Roof Windows Expertly Fitted In Ireland

Velux windows are better for the earth and your pocket. Be aware at your home or office.

How often do you automatically turn on electrical lights during the day? Almost all of us have an electrical light available to reduce shadows during the daytime, even on bright days.

Be aware that artificial lighting uses up to 40{2622efc524f3bb1bc9351e2f9663448c3fc845a7375d655d607381a240aed52d} of the energy consumption.

By availing your home of the benefits of sunshine through a Velux window the lighting is not used throughout the room with no glare or shadows, eliminating the necessity for electrical lamps. Velux windows reduce your home’s reliance upon expensive electrical energy.

Velux Window products – Roof Windows F.A.Q.

Q) Is installation or velux roof window possible at any roof pitch?
A) Yes. Centre-pivot roof windows are designed to be installed on roof pitch from 15-90 degrees.

Q) Can I install a velux roof window product myself?
A) It is not recommended. A velux roof window is a product which we recommend is installed by a professional installer, working on roof construction is a job for skilled roofers.

Q) What roofing material is best with velux windows?
A)  Velux flashing are compatible with virtually any type of roofing material.

Q) Installating velux blind myself?
A) Velux blinds are designed to fit Velux roof windows and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Q) Are velux roof window electric?
A) Yes. Velux has introduced the first complete electrical all-in-one roof window. If you already have a manually operated velux roof window installed, you can still install the velux KMX conversation kit to convert your window to electrical operation.

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